Problem solving & decision making

Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.

 Henri Kaiser

This highly practical workshop introduces you to a range of tools and techniques to solve problems more effectively and make better decisions. Throughout the workshop you will work on a case study from your workplace where you can immediately put the skills you learn into practice.

  • Recognize, clarify and prioritize the problems
  • Choose the relevant information, up-to-date and accurate in analyzing the problem in order to find the root causes of problems
  • Make decisions based on realistic goals by considering consequences that might be detrimental
  • Arrange an action plan and an anticipation plan for the possible failure of the plan of the action
  • Your approach to Problem Solving
  • Steps in Problem Solving
  • Define and Analyze a Problem
  • Creativity in Problem Solving
  • Practical Tools in Problem Solving
  • Facilitating a Brainstorming Session
  • Making Sound Decisions
  • Practical Tools
  • Intensive Practice
  • Interactive Facilitator
  • Case Study
  • Simulation
  • Experiential Learning
  • Group Discussion
  • Self-Assessment

Anyone who wants to understand how to identify problems, generate solutions and implement them successfully.