For over 40 years, Thomas has empowered individuals across the globe to reach their full potential. We equip people of all backgrounds and professions with scienti- fically-backed insights and unleash the power of their people from over 11,000 companies across 140 countries.

Thomas Behaviour (PPA) Assessment

In just 8 minutes get insight into a person’s behaviour at work

Recruit. Retain. Relax.

The world is changing, and traditional recruitment and development methods are not working. The Thomas platform equips you with the tools you need to recruit the best talent, and by using unique personal insights you’ll develop your people to create high performing teams. It’s time to embrace the future of recruitment and development.

Take the hunch out of hiring.

Our assessments are supported by leading people science to gain smarter insights into your candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. You will better understand their uniqueness, see and compare how they’ll fit the role, interact with colleagues, and even highlight potential development and leadership capabilities. The days of leaving recruiting to guesswork are over.

Insights that help develop better teams.

The Thomas platform provides you with detailed behavioural insights on people beyond recruitment alone. Our tools give you the knowledge to develop individuals and build better, highly optimised teams. This leads to more employee engagement, increased communication with each other, and ultimately greater business success and culture growth.

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  • Psychologically proven results you can trust, backed up by over 38 years of experience and research
  • Easy-to-use online platform giving you a wealth of mind-blowing insights about your people
  • In-depth range of solutions to help you and your people

Our leading-edge recruitment and
development tools allow you to:


The best talent with insights gained from applied people science


Individuals and create high performing teams


Build a highly engaged and vibrant workplace culture

Join over 11,000 businesses worldwide that trust Thomas.

Your all-in-one platform for recruitment
and development.

Thomas equips your people with insights and guidance across any device, anytime, anywhere.

It’s your new work superpower. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

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