NBO Indonesia is the first LinkedIn Alliance partner for the Indonesian market since mid-2018. As an Alliance partner, NBO Indonesia is helping, developing & maintaining solutions for companies in Indonesia to maximize their HR strategy with LinkedIn.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence in LinkedIn technology, NBO Indonesia can provide a maximum HR Strategy for companies Hiring process, Learning, Employer branding, and many more. NBO Indonesia helps companies to tap into their Digital potential so that they can get more while giving less. We deliver high-quality services with LinkedIn big data, through a constant engagement for our customer.


LinkedIn allows Businesses to create company pages to define and promote their business at the same time it’s also useful for researching other businesses and people who have similar interests, strategies, or profiles to your business.

Increase visibility

When businesses use the LinkedIn plan, LinkedIn can help companies to increase their visibility to LinkedIn users. This can raise brand awareness to a business’s target audience and help establish positioning within Businesses industry niche.

Create a legitimate presence

With the LinkedIn plan, a company can create a corporate page to provide company information to their audience. Companies with active pages on LinkedIn appear to be more trusted than without company pages. Businesses that implement this LinkedIn strategy are able to gain the trust of their audience.

Source & engage top talent

Top talent throughout the world uses LinkedIn, and the platform makes it incredibly simple to connect with potential employers and recruiters and grow a professional network while doing so. With the LinkedIn plan, businesses can make this much more accessible, find prospects faster, and tap into the potential talents.

Target the right audiences

When Businesses create an ad campaign with a LinkedIn strategy, They are able to target the exact individual who may be looking for the product or service they provide. Professionals come to LinkedIn to find answers, stay on top of industry trends, and build relationships. When Businesses provide solutions to those people in need, then this is golden. All of the individuals and information is here. It’s up to the businesses and the team to take the time and tap into it.


LinkedIn’s Recruiter and Jobs

It is an all-encompassing hiring platform for talent professionals that helps find, connect with, and manage the people you want to be on your team. Cut down your hiring time using the world’s largest professional network. With LinkedIn’s recruiting solutions, you’ll get up-to-date insights on more than 756M+ members, advanced search filters, and recommended matches to prioritize based on who’s most open to hearing from you

  • Unlimited access to 756+ million candidates globally and 18+ Million in Indonesia
  • Spotlight feature to know who are active members
  • 150 guaranteed InMail messages you can send per month + Credited back InMail for each individual response to save you time
  • Pinpoint talent with over 27+ search filters, incl. postcode radius for regional roles
  • Build “talent folders” to pipeline talent for a future role, reducing your overall time to hire


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. With more than 5,000 courses and personalized recommendations, you can discover, complete, and track courses related to your field and interests. You can also choose to add these courses and related skills to your LinkedIn profile once you’ve completed them.

  • World-class content: With 11,000+ digital courses taught by industry experts available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

  • Data-driven curation: Relevant course recommendations for each of your employees, based on AI data from LinkedIn.

  • In-depth and bite-sized courses that can be viewed anytime, on any device, online or offline.

  • Custom and pre-built learning paths: Customize existing and pre-built learning paths to recommend a relevant sequence of videos and courses to your employee. Creating brand new learning paths from LMS based on organization’s needs is also posible


LinkedIn Career Pages

LinkedIn career pages were created as a way for companies to share more information with potential and targeted applicants on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Career Page is a powerful employer branding tool that raises awareness, drives interest in your company, and invites jobseekers to engage with your company using LinkedIn AI Technology.

  • Reach the right Candidates: Create content and job recommendations for targeted audiences. We’ll surface the most relevant opportunities based on their qualifications.

  • Drive application: Help candidates assess if they’re a good fit for your role with personalized opportunities and insights.

  • Measure the impact of employer branding: Robust, in-product analytics let you track, improve and share the impact of your employer brand on your recruitment goals. You can also assess page trends and viewership, and benchmark against competitors.

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