The people powering TIO

We believe that work should feel meaningful.

For that to happen, effective interactions are essential, so we’re transforming how people work together by equipping them with greater insights on an intuitive platform that’s getting smarter every day.

We’re dedicated to helping everyone become their very best selves at work.

40 years of stronger people connections

For over 40 years, Thomas has empowered individuals across the globe to reach their full potential. We equip people of all backgrounds and professions with scientifically-backed insights, enabling them to;


  • Be their best self at work, unlocking their innate potential and making informed, objective career choices
  • Enhance communication and collaboration, with unique insights into themselves and their colleagues
  • Improve recruitment and form successful, high-performing, cohesive teams
  • Establish a more diverse, inclusive, and connected work environment

The market’s most robust people science

Registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS), which follows the guidelines of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA), Thomas’s assessments meet stringent requirements for validity, accuracy, and fairness unmatched by most market alternatives.

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