Behavioural Assessment (PPA)

In just 8 minutes get insight into a person’s behaviour at work

  • Recruit smarter using people science
  • Improve interactions across teams
  • Increase engagement and collaboration
  • Build a vibrant team culture
  • Mitigate and resolve conflict
  • Reduce staff attrition

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Thomas’ behavioural assessment

Deeper insights

Getting trained and accredited users in your business will allow you to get deeper insights from our assessments and therefore a better ROI. Your people will also gain internationally recognised certifications that will look great on their CV.

How our behaviour assessments work

In just 8 minutes, Thomas’ assessment of behaviour (PPA) provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work.

8 Minute Assessment

In just 8 minutes, Thomas’ behavioural test provides an accurate insight into people’s work and communication preferences. This empowers you to recruit smarter with people science, build a vibrant team culture, support and enable better interactions amongst your people, ultimately improving your team and business performance.

Detailed Profile

Thomas’ behaviour test gives you insights that help you understand a person’s strengths, communication style, how to better support remote workers, what motivates them, and how they react to risk and conflict.

Deep Insight

Once an individual has completed the Behaviour assessment, you have instant access to business outcome-focused content that enables you to match people to jobs, manage, support, develop, onboard, and train your people.

Assessment Information

  • Assessment type: Behavioural profile
  • Format: 24 questions
  • Time to complete: 8 minutes
  • Training required: None


Registered with the British Psychological Society and audited against technical criteria established by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations

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