NBO Leadership Survey 2018

Please fill in your contact information below to participate in NBOGroup Indonesia Leadership Survey 2018.

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Thank you for your interest in our Leadership Survey 2018! By participating, you will get a chance to win a seat in one of NBOGroup Signature public program!

Our Signature Public Program includes GenSmart, Strive for Excellence, Practical Coach and Service Excellence.

  • GenSmart : This program will equip participant on how to solve generational issues with the individual in mind, not only the generational category they fall into.
  • Strive for Excellence : A program to set the competencies of: “Yes I Can” attitude, Speed to Act, High Quality in every process, and Pursuing short-term performance and long-term corporate stability.
  • Practical Coach : Practical guide that takes managers step by step through the most critical times for performance intervention. A must have for everyone who cares about the people they manage.
  • Service Excellence : How to set high service excellence for your business.

The Leadership Survey will be emailed to you when you filled in. Every year NBOGroup conduct the Leadership Survey to predict human resources and leadership trends that is relevant to Indonesia. We appreciate your participation!

This opportunity expires on February 16, 2018.