DigiClass: Digital Learning by NBO Indonesia

The Workplace is Changing and so is Learning.

πŸ—πŸ% of learning and development leaders agree that necessary skills in today’s workforce are different from the required skills in the past.⁣

Covid-19 is massively changing the business landscape. Everything must be online and being able to be executed remotely. Your team needs to be sharper, more agile and picking up new skills by the minute. ⁣
How are you upskilling and equipping your workforce? How are your leaders managing these digital changes? Are your people engage and productive?⁣
𝐍𝐁𝐎 πƒπ’π π’πœπ₯𝐚𝐬𝐬 is a blended learning experience that will help you upskill your most valuable assets β€” your people.⁣
β€’ Fun and engaging online webinars ⁣
β€’ Self-paced learning platform accessible anywhere⁣
β€’ Enriching continuous development program⁣