Our Core PUrpose

We empower sustainable growth in organizations and people


years globally
16 years locally


US, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, UEA


Financial Industry, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Government,
BUMN, IT & Telco, Manufacturing, etc.


Leadership, Communications, Strategy, Team Development, Personal Development

Why Choose Us


We build a culture of excellence where people, process, and results are honored. Striving for excellent quality of work, we believe that the key to achieving this are the quality of the people and disciplined process.


We aim to deliver relevant and practical solutions to individuals, teams, and organizations across generations. We want to continuously engage with our people, clients, partners, and the community to understand their needs; today and in the future. We inspire our learners to apply and practice what they’ve learned to create sustainable growth.


We ensure that learning objectives are achieved in the most exciting way to inspire our people and learners to grow and maximize their potential. We create an impactful and memorable experience for our learners through a creative, collaborative, and engaging learning approach. This will spark positive changes and impact others.

Our Methodology

This guidance is applicable to anyone who needs to lead, to get others to understand and buy into their ideas and direction. The competencies have been defined as the qualities that most organizations want to develop in their leaders and managers.

We design our programs based on The Six Disciplines of  Breakthrough Learning by Pollock, Jefferson and Wick, to increase the value delivered by learning and development in your organization.

We apply The Kirkpatrick Model to ensure retention, sustainability & results. We create an effective program Blended EvaluationTM plan that maximizes business results and minimizes resources employed.