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We are a learning and consulting partner with expertise in transforming people and organizations in countries around the world to achieve higher productivity, efficiency and innovations in their operations. At NBO Indonesia, we believe that leaders are nurtured from within, and we have helped organizations unlock the individual potential of great leaders at all levels.


We build a culture of excellence where people, processes, and results are honored. We strive for excellence quality of work. We believe that the key is the quality of people and a disciplined process.


We aim to deliver relevant and practical solutions through consulting, learning, and coaching teams, leaders and organizations across the generation. We want to continuously engage with our people, learners, clients, partners, and community to understand their today’s and future’s needs.  We inspire our learners to apply and practice what they’ve learned to create a sustainable growth.


We ensure that learning objectives are achieved in the most exciting way to inspire our people and learners to grow and maximize their potential. We create an impactful and memorable experience for our learners through a creative, collaborative, and engaging learning approach. This will spark/ignite positive changes and impact others.

04. Digital

We strive to achieve greatness by being digitally savvy and updated with current technological advances. We want learners to gain knowledge with top-quality technology for a smooth and long-lasting learning experience.

Proven Success

Your Growth Partner

Our position as organizational growth partner enables us to help organizations grow and nurture competent leaders by implementing a full-range of the best learning strategies to optimize people potentials. In building our clients’ agile and resilient workforces, we design specific and customized learning journeys and development programs, executive coaching, assessment of competencies as well as talent management.


Overall Satisfaction


Growth Impact


A Team of Passionate Professionals

At NBO Indonesia, our strong team of associates, facilitators, consultants, coaches, account managers, strategists, growth partners, and administrators – is ready to work together with you to fulfill your organization’s specific learning objectives. We are analytical, creative, and incredibly collaborative in integrating our diverse skillsets to deliver extraordinary outcomes. It’s about results.

Susanna Hartawan

Susanna Hartawan

Managing Director

Being a passionate and sharp leader, Susanna has led NBO Indonesia to be one of the most prominent consulting firm in Indonesia’s human resources industry. Her strong set of values are the driver of her endeavors as the Managing Director in providing the best services and products for many organizations in Indonesia. She was awarded Most Promising Entrepreneur in South East Asia as well as being Ernst and Young Women Entrepreneur Finalist.

Susanna Hartawan


Executive Director

His extensive experience in people management, as well as learning and development, has given our Executive Director, Arudji, the ability to work with a variety of organizations and help teams set, make progress and succeed in achieving their objectives. With a distinctive style and charisma, combined with his previous roles in various industries for more than 20 years, Arudji is currently an experienced facilitator, motivator, and executive coach at NBO Indonesia for individuals and organizations.

Susanna Hartawan

Carmen Gomez

People Development Solutions Director

With her previous professional experience in the property business, as well as the finance industry prior to NBO Indonesia, Carmen Gomez has spent more than 20 years developing and optimizing organizations’ staff development and training programs. On top of being our People Development Solutions Director, she also currently serves as one of the International Trainers of NBO Indonesia, as well as an Executive Coach, where she facilitates learners in the South East Asia region for leadership and communication skills.

Susanna Hartawan

Putri Guenantine

Talent Solutions Director

Having a contagious bright and cheerful personality, our Talent Solutions Director, Putri, is an expert on people career and talent management, working together with prominent leaders across industries to develop and improve their organization’s talent solutions. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and her strong strategic thinking ability enables her to derive insights and implement programs to drive operational excellence and continuous improvement for our distinguished clients.

Susanna Hartawan

Oky Andrianto

Head of Trainer

As a Head of Trainer, Oky has worked with a number of organizations and their people in developing their knowledge and capabilities in leadership, communication skills, coaching and mentoring, making it easier for companies to achieve their targets. Oky is a skilled communicator and his previous exposure for more than 10 years in the broadcasting industry played an important role in facilitating learning events and ensuring the successful delivery of our training programs.

Susanna Hartawan

Ricky Suroso

Inspirational Coach

As a Master Trainer in NBO Indonesia, Ricky Suroso has achieved certification from NBOGroup Singapore to become the trainer of NBO Maximum Impact Presentation Skill.

As the Master Coach in Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, he has the certification from Pattern of Excellence, Train the Trainer, Team Building, Leadership and Accelerated Learning skills. Ricky is tri-lingual being able to speak fluently in Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Japanese.

Susanna Hartawan

Dr. Stefanus Sadana

Advisor & Executive Trainer

Leveraging expertise in human capital development, he facilitates professional certification in finance, consults on HR development and IT, and actively shapes the field. He has been a co-founder of the prestigious Indonesia Human Capital Award since 2015 and has served on human capital judging boards for the Indonesia Banking Award, Indonesia BPR Award, and Indonesia Insurance Award since 2013, demonstrating his deep understanding and influence in the sector.


Optimizing the Power Within

Culture internalization

We design programs to effectively communicate to all members of an organization to integrate their personal beliefs and motivations with the organization’s purpose.


Organizational Agility

As organizational agility has become a priority in today’s business world, we assist organizations in preparing their agile leaders to adjust to the inevitable industry changes and improve organizational efficiency.


Our digital learning experience is geared towards the future of talent optimization ranging from Digital Content Development, Live Session, Learning Content Production, to LinkedIn Solutions.

Curriculum design

New learning opportunities emerge and business demands evolve, and our skilled consultants and strategists work to help organizations identify new curriculum based on specific performance goals and business objectives, as well as conduct training needs analysis.

Talent Management

We provide support for organizations to design their best integrated talent management strategy, from employer branding, recruitment, onboarding, talent gap analysis, succession planning, measurement of competencies, workforce planning, career-path planning, learning and development, up to performance management.

Learning & Development

Organizations can benefit from our approach of learning, training, and development to enhance employees’ skills, knowledge, and competency, resulting in better performance. We help organizations to develop a comprehensive and coordinated L&D strategy to get the most out of investments in training programs.

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