About Us

Optimizing the power within

For more than 25 years, the NBOGroup offers professional consulting and training services targeted at developing "the power within" organizations - the people. We bring a unique approach when working with businesses to achieve organizational success, focusing on understanding business priorities, factors of critical success, sustainable learning experience, and measurable results.

Turn Your Vision Into Action and Results


Our Methodology

Every NBOGroup product, program and service is designed to fit the specific learning objectives of your organization. For more than 25 years, Fortune 500 companies and Government organizations have benefited from results achieved by working with us. Our international experience, and work with multi-cultural groups has enabled us to provide excellent results globally. Our emphasis is on the development of practical competencies, not stereotyped techniques. This approach delivers greater impact within a training session, a lasting application by the participant, and a return on investment for the organization. Our unique concepts in our product design, learning initiatives and coaching allow for measurable and achieveable results. We accomplish this through the most effective experiential training and learning processes in the market. In addition, we collaborate and build practical metrics to ensure ROI.


The Six Discipline of Breakthrough Learning

We design our programs based on The Six Disciplines of  Breakthrough Learning by Pollock, Jefferson and Wick, to increase the value delivered by learning and development in your organization.


The Kirkpatrick Model

We apply The Kirkpatrick Model to ensure retention, sustainability & results. We create an effective program Blended EvaluationTM plan that maximizes business results and minimizes resources employed.


What Bosess Wants

This guidance is applicable to anyone who needs to lead, to get others to understand and buy into their ideas and direction. The competencies have been defined as the qualities that most organizations want to develop in their leaders and managers.